Corporate Responsibility at VEKA


Our philosophy has always been to aim towards long-lasting, continuous corporate success, rather than short-term benefit through the creation of a long-term and future-orientated business culture.

To do justice to this philosophy, we apply our concept of sustainability at each stage of the value creation cycle. This means research and development which focuses on ecological efficiency, transparent supply chains, production that is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as assuming an international leadership role in the field of recycling. Our employees are dedicated experts, adept at developing and implementing the necessary processes. To enhance this expertise among our employees, we take proactive approach towards ongoing staff support and retention, aiming to continuously imbibe them with an awareness of sustainable management.

As a family-run business VEKA AG has anchored the essential principles of sustainable corporate governance firmly into its business culture since its very foundation in 1969.

In order to live and further develop this company philosophy we want to develop a cross-departmental and group-wide sustainability management. As a first step in this process we have summarized our activities in sustainability in this booklet. It aims to offer an outline of our vision for a sustainable business both in the areas we are already active in and our plans for the future development of our business in line with this strategy.

Corporate Responsibility at VEKA

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