The True Rigid Foam Sheet

VEKAPLAN CX Duo-K/SF consists of a PVC rigid foam layer with a top layer made of compact PVC on one side.

VEKAPLAN CX Duo Explained

Manufactured using a complex co-extrusion process, the sheet combines two important advantages of our sheet systems VEKAPLAN K and VEKAPLAN SF: its multilayer design ensures high impact resistance in conjunction with low weight.

Colour Options

White / Grey and White / White



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Property Standard Value
Thickness [mm]   1.5–10
Density [g/cm3] DIN EN ISO 1183 0.85 (4 mm)
Tensile strength [MPa] ISO 527 (50 mm/min) 27.0
Modulus of elasticity in tension [MPa] ISO 527 (50 mm/min) 1,600
Impact strength (Charpy) [kJ/m2] ISO 179/1eU 20.0
Notched impact strength [kJ/m2] ISO 179/1eA 2.0–3.0
Flexural strength [MPa] ISO 178 (2 mm/min) 45.0
Flexural modulus of elasticity [MPa] ISO 178 (2 mm/min) 1,650
Shore hardness D ISO 868 63
Ball indentation hardness [N/mm2] ISO 2039-1 20.0
Coefficient of expansion [mm/mK] DIN 53752 ≤0.07
Vicat softening point [°C] ISO 306 (B50) 62
Heat distortion temperature [°C] ISO 75-2 (1.8 MPa) 60
Water absorption [%] ISO 62 (after 216 h) 0.4
Fire rating DIN EN 13501-1 C – s3 d2 (2.0–2.5 mm)
Gloss level (compact top layer)   40 ± 10

Numerous processing possibilities

• sawing, drilling, milling
• screwing
• punching
• painting
• adhesive bonding
• laminating
• screen printing, digital printing
• hot-forming, vacuum forming

Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length
1.5–10 1,000

Quantities upon request.

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